Camphill Eurythmy School

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The Training

The four year course in Eurythmy Education admits a new intake every second year, and focuses on the student’s development as a performance artist. This process is supplemented with courses in educational principles and practice, and, where possible, an introduction to therapeutic and other professional contexts. Mandatory ancillary subjects, taught weekly or in blocks, include speech formation, choir, music theory, history of music, art and human development, anatomy and physiology, projective geometry, anthroposophical study, education and child development.

With occasional exceptions, first and second year students live in designated accommodation within the village community. Third and fourth years live locally, though some may stay in the village, depending on available accommodation. School fees for students resident in the village include board and lodging. First and second year students are expected to make a voluntary work contribution to the community as part of their weekly schedule. (for further details, see student info sheet under 'contact us')

The school year runs for 35 weeks from early September to mid July. First and second year students have a minimum of 21 hours per week organised study, and are expected to maintain their village work commitments during half term breaks. Third and fourth year students have thirty hours per week organised study. Because our students are working with vulnerable adults, they are required to submit to a Criminal Records (CRB) check, and must complete an Induction Course in the basic principles of social therapy, practical care and health and safety within the first few weeks of their training. This is provided by Botton Village. The first year serves as a foundation year during which the students are assessed as to their suitability for formal registration with our awarding body (Crossfields Institute).


Qualifications and school status

CES awards a diploma in the Art of Eurythmy authorized by the Section for the Performing Arts at the Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland. This programme is also certified as a Diploma in Eurythmy Education (level 5), and Edexcel Assured Crossfields Institute Qualification (Eurythmy Education MV673). CES holds a tier 4 sponsors license from the UK Home Office (no HX1FCDKD0), enabling it to admit students from outside the EU.